Book Holder {Don’t Just Pin it – DO it!}

Ok! I am FINALLY getting my own post up, to link to my new weekly link-up: Don’t Just Pin it- DO it!

We spent this past weekend celebrating my husbands 33rd birthday. It was a sweet, fun family weekend. We even snuck in our first alone date since Felicity’s birth as part of the celebration.

That brings me to my Pinterest post for this week! I didn’t have a chance to do anything new last week- so I am posting a project I tackled pretty recently from Pinterest. But that is OK! New or old, show us what you’ve done!!


My 10 year old son is a book fanatic. He reads constantly. His “nighttime reading” pile near his nightstand was getting pretty out of hand. He as a huge bookshelf in his room, but likes to keep several books close to his bed. I’d been dying to recreate this book holder I found on Pinterest for him. It was the perfect solution!

You can find the awesome tutorial for it here.

I actually just made mine based on seeing the photo. It was a super simple, quick, and fun project. The differences in mine were, obviously the fabric, and then I used a double curtain rod, instead of the dowel rods. I would not recommend using the store-bought rods if you are trying to keep this project low cost. In that case, stick with the dowel rods, or try to find the double rod at a yard sale or thrift store. Those suckers are pretty pricey brand new.



And, there you have it! A little Pinterest in action! Thank you Penny Carnival for the great idea!

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