12 Things I Learned From Our Day at the Beach

While we were in Florida, visiting my grandparents, we had a chance to spend a day at the beach.  We headed to Daytona Beach, as it was the closest to my grandparents house.

This was a day with a couple of firsts for our family.  It was Felicity’s first trip to the beach.  It was also all of our (except for my husband’s) first time to swim in the Atlantic Ocean!  We’ve all (minus  baby) swam in the Pacific, the Gulf, & the Carribean, but never the Atlantic.

Reflecting on our little day trip to the beach, here are 12 things I learned…


1.  Boogie Boards are SO worth the $9.99 investment.  Kids will literally play on them all.day.long!


{See those faces? SO worth it!}


2.  Kids will choose staying in the ocean to swim over the ice cream truck.  This was truly eye-opening.


3.  Standing on the edge of the continent feels REALLY COOL. I kept waving to Africa.  I don’t know why my kids thought it was weird, or why they didn’t get excited about it like I did.  So strange.




4.  Even though we were uncomfortably close to “Shark Attack Beack” – aka- New Smyrna Beach, I really do NOT need to be afraid of shark attacks.  {I’m such a freak-a-zoid}.  God really is in control.  I sometimes seem to forget that.


5.   Asking strangers to take a family shot is a must!  It might not be perfect – but it’s all we’ve got, and certainly better than nothing!253266_10200496697352581_1619095018_n


6.  My husband looks really cute playing with our kids at the beach.


7.  Watching a baby experience the ocean for the first time is pretty amazing.




 8.  It’s really great to remember to put sunscreen on your family.  Just don’t forget to put it on yourself.  Ouch!


9.   Mama needs to take a sec to get in the pictures herself every now and then.




10.   Baby Beach Tents are AWESOME!  Well worth the money we spent on it.  Kept her out of the sun, and provided an {almost} sand-free environment to play in.



11. There’s not much more of a relaxing feeling in life than holding a sleeping baby while lounging on the beach




12.  SOAK IT IN!  Beautiful moments that fly by so quickly – create beautiful memories to hold onto forever.




  1. Beautiful reflections! 🙂

  2. We had a really great time on those boogie boards

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