Father’s Day Candy Card {Don’t Just Pin it – DO it}



The kids and I had so much fun today working on this fun little Father’s Day project we found on Pinterest.  We ended up combining two different cards I had pinned, AND added our own flair to it!

One card idea came from THIS site.  The other one we pulled some ideas from was from HERE.

My son came  up with the clever idea & line for adding the Starburst, since my husband prefers fruity candy.  We also decided to sign off the card differently.  Since we have three kids, we thought using a “3 Musketeers” was perfect!  ALSO, my husband’s absolute favorite candy is Skittles, so we had to come up with a creative way to sneak that one in there as well.  His Father’s Day Candy Card just wouldn’t have been complete without it!

SO, in case it’s hard to read from the pics, here is what our card ended up saying:

We were going to give you a “Whopping” “100Grand” for Father’s Day, but the money slipped through our “Butterfingers”.  We didn’t have an “Extra” “Whatchamacallit” to sell, and it wasn’t “PayDay”.  We didn’t think a shopping “Spree” to New “York”, or an “Orbit” around the “Milky Way” to see a “Starburst” would be appropriate.  We do want to wish you “Mounds” of “Almond Joy”.  So just “Take 5” and enjoy your card.  We hope it doesn’t make you “Rolo”ver and get “Chunky”. If it does, we promise not to “Snicker”.

LOVE your favorite,

“Airhead” & “3Musketeers”

PS.  We know your day wouldn’t be complete without getting to taste the rainbow. “Skittles”



***NOTE: Local friends and fam – SHHHHH!  It’s a secret until Father’s Day! 😉

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  1. Super cute!
    Hmmm…..think I can make that a day late?

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