8 Tips for Simply Organizing a Garage Sale

We had a garage sale at our house this past weekend for the first time in 3 years.  This is not my favorite thing to do.  I dislike hosting garage sales because they are a lot of work (especially with a baby to care for), they are exhausting, and some of the customers are not fun to deal with.  BUT – what I do love about it is that it pushes me to go through my house and de-clutter.  I work best under pressure.  I need deadlines.  So, scheduling a garage sale is a good way to get me to buckle down and de-clutter my house!

The perfectionist in me wants to have it organized to a T.  The hatred of hosting a garage sale in me wants to be as lazy as possible with it.  So, I try to organize it as simply as possible.


Here are 8 things I have found helpful in simply organizing a garage sale:

  1. Pick a good weekend.  Make sure it is not a holiday weekend.  It would be ideal if you could pick a weekend that is a community garage sale weekend, or a weekend that there are several others around you having a garage sale.  More people will come when there are several sales in one area.
  2. Take advantage of others’ signs.  Maybe this one is naughty- I don’t know!  But it was so nice that some of my neighbors were also having sales, and already had signs up in all of the places I would have put one EXCEPT the end of my street.  So, I only had to put out 1 sign.  It made things so much easier on me. (Thanks neighbors!!)
  3. Make a general pricing chart for clothing.  It was so nice not having to price each individual piece of clothing – and we had a LOT of clothing to sell!  (For example: $1 for separates, $2 for dresses, etc) This could possibly also work with your other items.  You make a color-coded chart to coordinate with different colored stickers on your items.   However, I almost feel like that could be more work than just pricing them individually.
  4. Have boxes & bins with 1 price for each item inside.  So, a 25 cent box, a 50 cent box, dollar box, etc, rather than pricing each item individually.  Price the bigger items individually, and toss smaller items into these categorized bins.
  5. Let the kids price their own things.  If you have children, about age 7 or so & up, let them do their own pricing.  They are perfectly capable & it takes a nice chunk of work off of you.
  6. List your ad on Craigslist.  It’s free.  It’s quick.  It’s easy.  List as many things you can on there because people will come to your sale to buy those specific things.  Also, another bonus is that your craigslist ad will put you on garage sale apps like “garage sale rover,” and “yard sale mapper.”
  7. Use Facebook to help promote your sale.  If you are not already a member of a buy/sell/trade facebook group in your area, you should really join one. They are great for buying and selling with others close to you.  You can also promote your garage sale on the group.  Don’t forget to let your friends and family know on your own facebook page too.
  8. When it’s all said and done – donate.  Put it in the car and drop it at goodwill.  Get it all out of your house.  Trust me, it feels so good to be done with it!  The only exception to this is if you still have some valuable or large items that you could list on craigslist or your facebook group, go ahead and keep those, and get them listed.

What are some things you have found helpful in Simply Organizing your Garage Sale?


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  1. Just make sure you always price things. I leave a garage sale if nothing is priced. I don’t like blindly offering a price. I always decided if I ever had a garage sale (unlikely as I tend to sell things on craigslist or donate them as I find them) the last day everything would be free so I wouldn’t have to take anything to Goodwill or Value Village.
    Rachel @ Wife, Then Mama recently posted…Hey, Macarena -Throwback Thursday #4My Profile

    • Good thoughts Rachel! I agree, and am the same way about pricing at garage sales. I will usually not mess with it if it isn’t priced, UNLESS, it is something I was really searching for! 🙂

      And, after this sale was finished, I decided I am going to keep an ongoing donate box from now on – and sell the larger things on craigslist, or buy/sell/trade groups on FB.
      Thanks for stopping by today! 🙂
      bimw recently posted…Sewing Tutorial: How to Make the BEST Burp Cloth Ever!My Profile

  2. GREAT tips, Katie! Thank you for linking up at the Ultimate Moms Resources.
    Rebecca recently posted…2013-2014 Homeschool CurriculumMy Profile

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