Homeschooling Through Life’s Curveballs

homeschooling through lifes curveballs homeschool

How do you homeschool when life throws you a curveball?

So far, during our homeschool journey, we’ve gone through about 3 good, solid years of some pretty big life stuff. God used those years of homeschooling  to ingrain in me the great need for flexibility in homeschooling.

We homeschool at home, while living our everyday, ordinary life.  Difficulties happen. We go through unforeseen hardships, pain, suffering, grief, anxiety, stress, emergencies – you name it.  Living in a fallen world these things in life are inevitable.

So how do we go through the difficult, at times seemingly impossible, trials of life and homeschool our children?

Here are a few things the Lord showed me in some of our most difficult years…

  1. Take breaks whenever needed (and you know when they are needed!)
  2. S l o w  d o w n. When you are going through tough life stuff, it is OK to get off  of your schedule for the year and slow things down to go at a pace that fits life for a while.  It is OK, I promise.  It is OK.  Your kids and your homeschool will survive.  In fact, it will help them/it  to flourish.
  3. School year round.  When I first started homeschooling, I modeled our school year schedule after the public school system.  Why?  I LOVE a summer break.  Love it!  However, during those 3 years of substantial trials, God showed me this just wasn’t something I could hold on to.  And since the time I let it go, we were able to fall into a beautiful flow and rhythm to our school days & years.  I don’t feel stressed to hurry up and get the school year done.  We are done when we are done.  And then we move right into our next years curriculum.  This allows for all of those unforeseen circumstances that will come up throughout your school year.  And I promise you, no matter how much you plan, they will happen.
  4. Don’t look at everyone else.  “So and so does it this way, and it looks so perfect.”  Your family is not the same as so and so’s, and you are not going through the same things they are or vice-versa.  Comparing what homeschool looks like in your home to theirs will only stress you out & discourage you more.  Seek direction from the Lord, and His will for your family, and follow Him.  Prov 3:5-6
  5. Remember, if you are a believer in Christ, and He has called you to do this, He WILL give you the grace and strength needed to do it, even through the difficult times. He provides for you in every single way you need provision.  He loves and cares for you more than anyone else possibly can.
    Above all – Rest in Him.  Rest in His grace.


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Now it’s your turn!  What are some ways you have coped with life’s curve-balls in your homeschooling journey?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below…


  1. Oh – so true! We can’t look at what other people do – that comparison game will kill a Mama’s heart! Seek guidance when you need it, but never ever compare.
    Rebecca recently posted…Ten Ways to Keep Homeschooling When Living Imperfectly in a Perfect WorldMy Profile

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