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For whatever reason, I tend to become very quiet when I am in my first trimester of pregnancy.  I am already a naturally quiet person, but for whatever reason, that first trimester of pregnancy pretty much shuts me down.  I tend to post WAY less on social media.  I just sort of power off in that area.

Now that I have emerged from my first trimester, I am here to finally announce on the blog, that we are expecting again!  This precious little one is due around October 6th, and we are all so excited!  This will most likely be my last pregnancy, so it is definitely bitter-sweet.  And it is flying by!  I am already 15 weeks along.  So crazy!  Tomorrow I will be having another prenatal appointment.  So far I have had a sono at every one.  I am not seeing a high risk doctor this time around, but this doctor knows my pregnancy history, and has agreed to keep a close eye on things.  I am taking my extra folic acid to keep my blood from clotting, just like I did with Felicity, and so far, everything is going really well.

Here is a pic of this little one at 11 weeks:



And here I am back at 12 weeks: (I am now at 15 weeks)




Now that I have emerged from my funk, I will try to keep you more updated around here!!  😉


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