John Piper on the Prosperity Gospel

I saw this on a blog I enjoy reading and just had to share it – it is so true!! I LOVED it!


  1. That was amazing.

    I have such a passionate hatred against that doctrine, too! I was actually immersed in it myself for almost 10 years before I finally saw how wrong it was and left that church. That transition almost cost me my salvation, in all honesty, and I thank God He brought me through it all. However, my mom is still very (VERY!) into it and we butt heads ALL the time spiritually.

    One thing I can’t get past is that when it is preached in America that God wants us all to be rich, no one stops to realize that compared to the rest of the world, we are ALREADY rich! Every single one of us. Doesn’t matter if we are struggling to pay the electric bill…simply having electricity is a luxury in many places of the world! If they’d stop and think globally for two seconds maybe they’d realize how disgusting they sound thinking God cares if we have MORE.

    Whenever I hear of a ‘ministry’ that has their own jet I want to scream. How many people would that money have reached? How many could have been fed? Do those ‘preachers’ really need mansions?!? A nice, middle-class home isn’t good enough for them I guess, even if it means that extra couple of million would be going to help the poor, the weak, the widows and orphans…you know, the things they are supposed to be called to actually DO. (Did they MISS that part of the Bible???)

    Sorry I am totally writing a book…I could go on and on when speaking of this. I actually had a TON more but deleted it! This subject just really brings out the passion in me—maybe I’ll just have to do a post on it soon myself!!

    Thanks for getting me all stirred up, I needed it tonight! 😉

  2. Wow! You ARE passionate about that and that is so great!!! Thanks for sharing all that you did. I also ran across another video that I am going to post soon, it is very good too. We have family who are into that stuff too. It is very difficult to have conversations about God with them without getting into an argument, so we usually try to just not go there!!

  3. Wow. That is a powerful message.

  4. Hey Ched! How did you find my blog?

  5. Wow, those were very passionate and powerful words from John Piper! Who is a personal favorite of mine, he zeal for the glory of God is so contagious. Thanks for sharing!

    JOYfully in Him,

  6. Wow – very powerful indeed. And oh so true. I keep forgetting that He brings us to our knees, so that we may see him more clearly, and trust in Him more deeply. That is where I am right now, in the bottom of the pit looking up.
    And I do see God, and I know that He is there!

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