Crazy Texas Weather!

   It is snowing today!  A LOT!  Well, a lot for Texas that is!  🙂  This is really our first GOOD snow this winter, where it is actually sticking nicely to the ground (at least where I live)! 

   The reson I say “crazy Texas weather” is the week of weather we have had.  Monday the high was around 82 – just beautiful!  Then, by Tuesday evening,  it was snowing ~ but nothing stuck to the ground.  Wednesday, the high was back up in the high 60’s.  And today, snow again.  Only this time it is projected to be several inches, sticking to the ground, and doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon.  It is supposed to snow through the night. 

   My kids are so excited!  They would have been very disappointed if they had gone all winter without any snow to play in.  I will have to post some pictures later after they get to play in it, but for now here are some pictures of about an hour of accumulation, and it is still coming down hard!



   This reminds me of last Easter here in TX when it snowed….in April….on Easter…..oh, and did I mention, in TEXAS!  There was snow on the bluebonnets!  It was a funny sight.


…and here are the kids on Easter last year….


…and later that day…



See?  Crazy Texas weather!!!


  1. Tell me about it! We’re still getting yucky sleet right now, no snow yet. I don’t suppose you made it to the zoo today!

  2. Yes, this kinda squashed my plans for the zoo! 😉 But a friend of mine told me that you can actually get that homeschool discount anytime, if you present a card saying you are part of a homeschool group! So cool!

  3. Oh my! That is just too awesome and funny. 🙂

    This makes me miss Texas. D.C./Maryland hasn’t really had snow this year, so you guys must be getting it all. Well, if you want, send it this way.

    God Bless!

  4. WOW – that is crazy!!!
    We haven’t seen temps like that in a long time. Like since last summer 🙂
    Hope your kids enjoyed the snow . . .

  5. Jennifer says:

    We missed out on the snow. We just had some rain and sleet and a few snow flurries but nothing would stick. The boys were disappointed. Hope you all had fun in the snow though.

    We may go to the zoo April 11th. There is several from a homeschool group in Granbury going then. God bless,

  6. We got quite a bit of snow over here, but none of it stuck. 🙁 I managed to eek out a few pictures and short snippets of video before my batteries died. I’ll have to get new batteries before I can upload them. 😀

  7. Jennifer – that is my sister’s birthday! We are going to the Rangers game that day – how funny!

    Leigh – I can’t believe there hasnt been snow there this year! I would have thought there would be!

    To my TX friends – I am so sorry that it didn’t stick where you are – that is sad! 🙁

  8. Hubby and I were just talking about how we have had so little snow and places like where you are have had more substantial weather…it’s so odd. Hope the kids enjoyed the snow. 🙂

  9. I know exactly what you are talking about! I’m your neighbor in New Mexico. We haven’t had as much snow (covered they yard, but not the streets) But we’ve had 85 during the day and snow at night. Crazy!

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