Help Protect North Korean Refugees!

Hi Friends!  I received this email this morning, and would like to share it with you!  This is very important!  Please read and take action!! – Katie 


As I wrote to you a few weeks ago, a very important letter will be circulated to the members of Congress for their signature in just a few days. The letter is from our U.S. Representatives to Hu Jintao, the President of the People’s Republic of China.

You will find a copy of the letter by clicking here. 

The letter puts tremendous pressure on the Chinese government to stop forcing North Korean refugees… including thousands of Christians… to return to North Korea. Because when these refugees are sent back to North Korea, they often face torture… and even death.

Which is why we must make our voices heard on their behalf!

But here’s the catch: Signing this letter is voluntary… and the impact we will have depends on how many Congressional signatures we are able to secure.

That’s why I’m asking you—if you haven’t done so already—to sign an online Action Alert that urges your representative to sign the letter.

Thank you for taking action today on behalf of our suffering brothers and sisters in North Korea by signing your online Action Alert.


God bless you, my friend!

Carl Moeller

Carl Moeller
Open Doors USA

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