Pray for the Chapman Family

   Oh, my heart is so broken for the Steven Curtis Chapman family.  Their youngest daughter, 5-year old Maria, died tragically

   After I found out, I told my children, because they love the Cinderella song, and have listened to him talk about why he wrote it on You Tube.  I told them we should pray for them, so Zoe went first, and when it was my turn, I could hardly hold myself together as I prayed through tears and sobs for them.  Please pray for them.  I can only imagine the extreeme pain and hurt they are feeling right now.  They needs God’s amazing love and grace to carry them through this. 

Also I came across a blog they have in her memory.



  1. I felt so sad when I read the news yesterday, they must be absolutely crushed.
    I’m praying for them!

  2. My heart is breaking for them…I can’t even imagine. I’m so thankful they have Christ and a future with their little one to hope for!

  3. I cried a lot when i heard the news of their daughter’s passing. A couple of months ago Uriah and I went to see a live recording of Chapman’s song Cinderella and heard him speaking about Adoption at a studio in Grand Prairie.. We do need to pray for this precious family and that their story will touch lives that never would him been touched before because of it,

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