Priorities and the Home

   One of my biggest struggles in life is priorities.  Just ask my husband.   When we pray together at night and he asks what areas of my life I need prayer in, the one constant request I have (and have had for years) is that God would keep my priorities in line.  It would be nice if one day I could say, “you know, I really don’t need prayer for my priorities anymore!”  But I believe this is just one (of the many) areas of my life that God uses to keep me humble and completely dependent on Him – praise God!

These (top 4) priorities are:

  1. God (my relationship with Him, spending time in prayer and in His word daily
  2. My Husband
  3. My Children
  4. My Home

   I am going to make a wild assumption here, and guess that I am probably not the only woman in the world who struggles with keeping her priorities in order.   So, I thought I would share some more of what I have been reading lately in The Excellent Wife, by Martha Peace.   Hopefully it will be both convicting and encouraging to you, as it was to me!

   I just finished reading Chapter 8, which is the chapter on the Home.  You might think by my “Monday Meanderings” posts that I already have it all together, but I DON’T!  Keeping my home in its proper place on my list of priorities does not come easy or naturally for me.  It is a constant struggle!  There are so many things I would rather be doing, and it takes the Lord constantly reminding me, convicting me, and sanctifying me in this area.  Monday Meanderings is just one of the ways I attempt to hold myself accountable for what needs to be done in my home.  It is a good reminder to me of where my priorities should be.

   In the first section of this chapter she discusses being a worker at home.  She gives an example of two Christian women: one is lazy, the other busies herself with too much.  The lazy woman, while it might seem like she does a lot, is doing all of the wrong things.  She is busying herself with self-indulgent things, and neglecting her home and everything/everyone else.   The woman who is too busy, while she might be involved with tons of very “good” tasks and activities (such as serving in the church, serving others, hanging out with friends,etc), is also neglecting her family and home which are her priorities.  Here is what Martha Peace says about these women…

“Both Tracy and Stacy are Christians and have a desire to please the Lord.  Both, however need to reassess their lifestyles and their biblical responsibilities in the home.  A godly wife is organized and works hard to operate her home with the least possible chaos.  She also creates an optimistic, joyful atmosphere for her family.  God has always intended for the home to be the wife’s domain.  Unfortunately, this is not a popular topic in our culture, but God did and still does intend for the wife to be a “worker at home”(Titus 2:5).” Martha Peace, the Excellent Wife

Some scripture she quotes that goes along whith what she is saying can be found in Proverbs 31:13-27, Titus 2:3-5, and 1Timothy 5:14-15

   A second area she discusses is “creating a godly atmosphere in the home.”  We as wives and mothers hugely affect the tone and mood of our home.  Here are some quotes from the book…

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and love your family almost as much.  Be patient and kind and do not be selfish.  Create such an atmosphere in your home that your husband as well as other family members will look forward to coming home.  They will want to be around you instead of avoid you.  If you find yourself struggling emotionally with self-pity, not being appreciated, or being used by your family, become aware of your thoughts.  Biblically deal with your husband and children’s sins and replace sinful thoughts with biblically optimistic thoughts.” …

“A wife who has a gentle and meek spirit from the Lord provides a calming, soothing, and reassuring atmosphere in her home.  She trusts God deeply and does not panic at difficult circumstances.  She has a quiet confidence that God will “work all things for good to those who love God…”(Romans 8:28).  Her confidence and faith in God grows daily as she studies the Scriptures because she is “growing in the grace and knowledge of (her) Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18).  She has a calming effect on the family, not the effect of alarming and upsetting them.  It is reassuring to be around her.”  Martha Peace, The Excellent Wife

  Wow!  I am definitly far from all of that.  But I am thankful for the reminder – that this is who I need to (and can) be in Christ!  And if our relationship with God is not the top priority, if we are neglecting to spend time with Him and in the word daily, everything else will be a mess!  There is no way we can be the wives, mothers, keepers of our homes that we are called to be without keeping God first in our lives. 


  1. What a great post! I will be back to reread it over and over, it is full of stuff I need to hear again and again!

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