Vacation Update

   Well, we are all enjoying our vacation!  I have had some internet access, but no time to post anything!  I thought I would post a few pictures from our anniversary celebration at the coast. 

   Jared’s family took care of the kids while we went to the beach for almost 3 days to celebrate our anniversary.  They took the kids to NASA and also to see WALL-E  while we were away, and it sounds like the kids had a great time! 

   We had a great anniversary celebration.  It was nice to have a few days alone.  I am so thankful for my husband and our marriage!  It seems we grow closer and more in love each year!  (I am going to try to get around to a better anniversary post when we get home from vacation)!

   I am going to do several vacation coverage posts because there are too many pictures for one post!  I will start off with info and pictures from our first day!




   When Jared and I arrived in Galveston, we had reservations at a hotel (that was $100/night)  It was ok looking from the outside, and we thought it would be fine.  However when we got in our room it was definitly not worth the money.  It was filthy, and noisy.  We could hear the people talking in the room next door.  I am not too picky, but it was really bad ~ certainly not something I would pay that much for (and that was supposed to be a good deal!)

So we asked if we could cancel, and they let us, and we moved to a much nicer Hawthorn suites for only $30 more/night.  This hotel was much better.  It even had a little kitchen, living roon, bedroom and extra bed ~ and best of all, an ocean view!










After we got all settled in our new hotel, we headed for the beach!  We wanted to get to the beach asap beacause they were forecasting rain every day we were there.  But praise God, there was no rain, and we had gorgeous sunny days every day!!!   Also, while we were at the beach, I had some weird obsession with taking pictures of birds, and our feet.  Dont ask me why, but it was fun.
Okay, now seriously, there are way more bird and feet pictures, and I wont bore you or scare you with them anymore!! 
This concludes the first part of day one of our anniversary celebration.  To be continued….


  1. I’ve stayed in some pretty bad hotels early in my marriage, let me tell you! One was called the Tally-ho-tel, which to this day cracks me up. Anyway, I’m glad you found something much better!!

    Enjoy the vacation, it looks so great!

  2. That looks awesome, I am way too jealous!!!

  3. Love the feet pix…they look like a postcard, or Steven said like one of those Corona commercials, FUN FUN!:)

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