Chapmans on Larry King

  Have you had a chance to watch the Chapmans interview on Larry King Live yet?  If you haven’t – you must!!  But before you start, grab a box of tissues.  Go ahead, I’ll wait……
……did you get them?  Ok, good!  (If you didn’t you will soon regret it !)  Now, here are all pieces of the interview in order…and then be sure to watch Larry Kings response to it all at the end!

Larry King’s response After the Show

We need to continue praying for the Chapman family, along with all those who hear of their tradgedy and the hope they have in Christ through it all.  Also pray for Larry King – that God would draw him, and he would know and have the hope in Christ, that the Chapmans have!


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I’d seen bites and pieces of it, but not this much and I’m speechless. But, there is a hope.

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  3. Ok…I finally watched it and so glad I did! It was God…So strong…that Larry King saw in them. Incredible! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for posting this. I hadn’t seen it. How very touching. I didn’t listen about the Kleenex…

  5. I will watch it soon. It is on my “list.”

  6. Renee Streett says:

    Okay, I cried. I really enjoyed watching Larry King’s response! Hopefully this will soften his heart to the gospel!

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