Thanksgiving Scripture Place Cards

  ** This is a post I wrote last year, and am reposting it, to start out my Christ-centered Thanksgiving ideas for this year!  I will be posting more ideas between now and Thanksgiving (which is a week from Thursday)!! **


   Here is another idea for keeping your Thanksgiving celebration centered on Christ!  These are Scripture place cards that you can put on the table next to each person’s plate, to give them a scripture about thankfulness to read and think about during the dinner, to help turn their hearts focus on praising and thanking God! 

   These are very simple to make.  My kids helped me put the little fall stickers on them and glue the scriptures on the cards, and they really enjoyed that!  They are made with fall-colored card stock, the verse is of corse printed off the computer, then add a couple fall stickers, and viola! 



  1. Oh — what a neat idea. I think my kiddos and their cousins will help me make some of these. I’ve been looking for things for them to do.

    THANKS for sharing that idea. Ü


    p.s. I’m so glad you aren’t skipping right over thanksgiving, like Wal-Mart is… or my little town. They are having Santa come to town on the 20th?? Hey wait… don’t you want to give thanks first?? :sigh:

  2. I am so glad it was helpful!! I know, Christmas always comes so early in the stores!!

  3. I just found your blog while clicking around.
    I love this idea. I wish I would have seen it before Thanksgiving… I may modify it for Christmas!!


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