Happy Etsy Day!



   Today is Etsy day!  Have you ever visited Etsy.com?  If you haven’t, you must!  It is full of handmade greatness!!  In honor of Etsy day, here are a couple of great articles I came across at a blog called everythingetsy.com :

The “why to” support Etsy sellers (in case you are looking for a reason!)

Thinking about starting your own etsy shop?

Five Great Reasons to Start an Etsy shop

and if you are an etsy seller, you might find this article helpful:

Twenty Ways to Get More Traffic to your Etsy shop


Here are a few of my favorite etsy shops:

My mom’s new etsy shop

Farmstead Lady Designs


Snug a Bug Blankets

Fabric Supplies

Chrysalis Fibers


And, here is my etsy store that I have had for almost a year and a half now, which is currently under a little contruction or maybe restructuring?!  But of course, feel free to visit!


Seller name: zoescoutureboutique


Support Homeschooling Etsy Moms!  Here are just a few of the homeschooling mama/family shops I know of:

Homeschool Boutique

Faith Armor

Ocean Breeze

Julie & Co

Dreams of Eden

Sherri Crochets

Chrysler Creek

Very Pretty Things

Threadbare Memories

Kit and Caboodle Shop


Enjoy Etsy Day!!!



  1. Katie, didn’t know you were on Etsy. It’s a great site. I know lots of artists who sell there, have thought about it myself.

    I enjoyed poking around the blog!

  2. Hey Rose! Thanks! I am glad you stopped by!!

  3. Katie,

    Thanks so much for the love… 🙂

    Can’t wait to see what happens with your site.

    Be blessed,


  4. AH! I missed Etsy day! Great blog!

  5. I am sorry you missed it! I checked out your store! You have really cute items!!!

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