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  Do you plan out your summers?  Do you schedule in fun activities, and daily routines to keep the time from slipping away, or do you drift along through the summer only to find yourself at the end of it saying, “where did the summer go”?   I confess I am not usually very purposeful during this season.  I normally tend to let the time just float on by, doing activities on a whim as they might come about.  While I don’t  think there is anything wrong with this…I think there is something to be said for being more purposeful in how we spend our time during the summer months.  Scheduling out a summer plan can look different for everyone.   Some might need only a general outline schedule to follow, while others might need a little more detail.  It grieves me at times to think of all the time I have wasted and let slip away, by not being purposeful in each day God has given me, to (by His grace) glorify Him, and teach my children diligently about Him – and that includes the summertime!!  I want to be purposeful in teaching my kids to treasure God in all things, and in all seasons!

   Since I will be finished with our homeschool year next week, I am thinking about what our summer will look like.  I would like to plan a new morning Bible study with the kids, since our school-year devotion time will be over.  I would also like to plan special fun activites on our calendar, and maybe set aside certain days that we do certain things (i.e. swimming, zoo, park, museum, movies, backyard water activities, etc).  I will post my summer plan soon.  In the meantime, head on over to the Girl Talk blog for some more ideas and info about being purposeful in planning your summers!

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