Wordless Wednesday ~ A Crawler’s World

***WARNING*** Baby Cuteness Overload!

Sewing Tutorial: How to Make the BEST Burp Cloth Ever!

These are my absolute favorite burp cloths.  I have made several different varieties of burp cloths, and tweaked things here and there.   But, these are my favorite to make and use.  I have several varieties of  these my etsy shop, Zoe’s Couture Boutique. Today, I am sharing a tutorial on how to create these burp cloths.  I am including some step by step photo instructions in this post, along with {my first ever}  youtube video tutorial.   What you {Read More}

Melts My Heart

One of my favorite things in life right now is watching my big kids love their baby sister. Mopping the floors today, I called upstairs, “Hey Trev…” T: “Yes?” Me: “Could you come down and feed Felicity?” T: “Oh YES!!  {Flies downstairs…} He’s had his baby sis in his life for 7.5 months now, and his enthusiasm for her hasn’t worn off yet. I love it… Just one of the many sweet joys I get  the privilege of experiencing in my {Read More}

Can I Just Say…

My baby is growing up WAY TOO FAST??!! See? What’d I tell ya?! Peace out blog peeps!  

I Miss Blogging

Life is busy.  Wonderfully busy.  I am enjoying this season, with all of it’s new and exciting changes.  It is so much fun having a baby in our home again.  She is such a joy.  The big kids adore her.  We all adore her.  We lovingly call her our little sunshine.  In fact, I finally decided on a theme for her room.  “Sunshine.”  Slowly, but surely I’m working on creating her sunshine room.  I’ve been collecting some fun ideas on {Read More}

4 Months Old – and a Little Rambling

Life has been extra fun for the past 4 months. I’ve barely blogged since Felicity’s birth. I’m enjoying her SO crazy much! Every time I think about her and how thankful I am for her, an insane amount of joy fills my heart. I can’t even begin to put my thoughts and emotions into words that do them justice. So instead, I enjoy & soak up each sweet, wonderful moment. It still feels like she was just born- but at {Read More}

Baby Update – 23.5 weeks

I am so thankful for how this pregnancy has been going!  I will be 24 weeks in just a few days (so, about 6 months along)!!  Woohoo!  It is exciting to be this far along.  I am really able to enjoy this pregnancy now.  I am over the part that was the scariest for me.  Although I know nothing is ever “safe” or guaranteed (other than the fact that God is in control, and I can trust fully in Him, {Read More}

Wordless Wednesday ~ Neice

Picture I took last week of my littlest neice – Margot….look at those gorgeous eyes!!

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ 1/21/11

Ok so hmmmmm.  This week.  Well,  it started out with sickness – once again!  Zoe threw up Sunday morning, and was feeling better after a couple of days.  Never had a fever or anything else…wierd.  Then I started a fever on Mon night (w/ no other symptoms), and had it all day Tuesday, but was better by Wednesday.  So, at least our sicknesses were short-lived….whatever they were! 🙂 Sunday we had a baby shower for my sister at my house…on {Read More}