A Week of Organizing

One of the many perks of homeschooling: If I want to take off a week from “school” to do some home organizing while all the public school children head “back to school”  – I CAN! Oh the beauty of homeschooling.  Granted, organizing the kids rooms, the guest room, my room, the school room, etc….isn’t exactly FUN.  But hey, it needed to be done. And while we were “on break” – we weren’t really on break.  We were learning.  Learning how {Read More}

Math Blaster Review & Giveaway

   Math – does your child love it, or hate it?  How about video games? While some kids might not been too thrilled over math – most LOVE to play video games!!  The folks at Math Blaster (Jump Start) have come up with a program to combine the two – sneaking math into a fun video game – so kids hardly know they are also learning math! Head on over to Hip Homeschool Moms to view my full review of {Read More}

Homeschool Bookfair Survival Guide

This weekend is homeschool bookfair time for me!  One of my favorite times of the year.  Yes, I am a crazy homeschool mom – and yes, I get way TOO excited over homeschool bookfairs!  This will be my 4th bookfair to attend since I began homeschooling.  And I LOVE them! Have you ever been to a homeschool bookfair?  They can be totally crazy and completely overwhelming!!  But they can also be a great resource and a huge blessing to a {Read More}

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ 1/7/11

The first week of 2011 is coming to a close.  I am going to try to start posting a weekly wrap-up each Friday to basically sum up my week!  So here goes with the first weekly wrap-up of the year. Goal Planning for 2011 – not finished yet…but that’s ok. I’m not in a huge rush.  I also don’t want to let it slip away and forget about it!  So, I’m planning on having it finished up by 1/10/11. We started {Read More}