I Miss Blogging

Life is busy.  Wonderfully busy.  I am enjoying this season, with all of it’s new and exciting changes.  It is so much fun having a baby in our home again.  She is such a joy.  The big kids adore her.  We all adore her.  We lovingly call her our little sunshine.  In fact, I finally decided on a theme for her room.  “Sunshine.”  Slowly, but surely I’m working on creating her sunshine room.  I’ve been collecting some fun ideas on {Read More}

Our Advent Countdown Activity Calendar

I found this great Advent Activity Calendar on Pinterest this week and knew it was the ONE for us! The tutorial can be found HERE at The Crafting Chicks! I printed out their cute numbers from their site for mine.  Everything else on mine is a tad different.  I couldn’t find the library envelopes they suggested, so I made my own out of sparkly Christmas cardstock! Here is our version: Oh, be sure to wave “hi” to my kitty, Lucy. {Read More}

Enjoy Your Kids

As homeschool moms, and moms of little ones, we spend so much time with our kids.  We are with them 24/7 – 365!  But how much of that time is spent enjoying them? There is so much to do in a day, so much to accomplish for the week.  We have our homes to care for, keep up, and clean. Laundry, meal planning and preparations each day.  Spending time with the Lord each day (should of course attain our greatest {Read More}

Tornado Victim Fundraiser

My heart is ACHING for those who have lost their homes, and their family members – in last weeks tornadoes all over the southeast.  As I mentioned last week, one of my favorite fellow bloggers, Kelly, from Generation Cedar lost her home in the tornado.  They of course, were not the only ones.  However, they stand out in my heart so much, since I am a reader of Kelly’s blog, and have been so blessed by her.  They also had {Read More}

Of Baby Loss and Infertility

Today, February 3, 2011, my little Noah Matthew would be 3 years old, had he made it to his due date.  It got me thinking about how it has been a really long time since I have talked about our baby boys on the blog.  It also got me thinking about how I have not really shared anything about our struggle with infertility for the past almost 2 years.  I don’t talk about it, so I imagine friends either (a.)think {Read More}


Things have been busy- busy around here this month! Celebrating Advent (reading Bartholomew’s Passage this year   Teaching Christmas songs to the kids Joy To The World Hark The Herald Angels Sing   Decorating   Baking Shopping Cleaning Schooling (however, we have now officially started our Christmas break – yay!)   Taking Family Photos (of my family) (My sister’s family) (My mom and her husband) (the kids and their cousins)   Writing our Christmas Letter Ordering/Mailing Christmas cards Hosting a {Read More}