Hope for the Lonely

He sits in the cold, sterile hospital room, holding her hand, waiting for those inevitable words from the doctor. “I am sorry sir…she’s gone.” His heart aches with unimaginable pain as he watches the third person he has loved so deeply in his 80 years of life, pass away from this monster disease. Cancer. First, the wife of his youth, and mother of his 2 children. Next his oldest child, his best friend, his son. And now his dearly loved {Read More}

Celebrating 11 Amazing Years!

I could not have chosen or even dreamed of finding one so perfectly fit for me!  Praising the Lord today for 11 totally, absolutely, amazing, wonderful, joyous years of marriage to the better-than-I-ever-dreamed man of my dreams!  🙂 I know, I am getting all mushy and gushy on you.  I just can’t help it.  I love this guy more than you can possibly imagine.  God has blessed our marriage tremendously.  Although the two of us have been through many difficult {Read More}

Homeschool Bookfair Survival Guide

This weekend is homeschool bookfair time for me!  One of my favorite times of the year.  Yes, I am a crazy homeschool mom – and yes, I get way TOO excited over homeschool bookfairs!  This will be my 4th bookfair to attend since I began homeschooling.  And I LOVE them! Have you ever been to a homeschool bookfair?  They can be totally crazy and completely overwhelming!!  But they can also be a great resource and a huge blessing to a {Read More}

Tornado Victim Fundraiser

My heart is ACHING for those who have lost their homes, and their family members – in last weeks tornadoes all over the southeast.  As I mentioned last week, one of my favorite fellow bloggers, Kelly, from Generation Cedar lost her home in the tornado.  They of course, were not the only ones.  However, they stand out in my heart so much, since I am a reader of Kelly’s blog, and have been so blessed by her.  They also had {Read More}

Of Baby Loss and Infertility

Today, February 3, 2011, my little Noah Matthew would be 3 years old, had he made it to his due date.  It got me thinking about how it has been a really long time since I have talked about our baby boys on the blog.  It also got me thinking about how I have not really shared anything about our struggle with infertility for the past almost 2 years.  I don’t talk about it, so I imagine friends either (a.)think {Read More}

Goal Setting ~ Part 2

For Goal Setting Part 1, click HERE Things to remember in making and achieving goals: If you do not set goals, you will likely end up with many regrets at the end of a day, month, year, decade, etc.   You will likely come to the end of the day or year and be in the same place you started, or worse – behind!   Setting goals helps us to make the best use of our time – as I {Read More}

Goal Setting ~ Part 1 – God’s Word

With the New Year rolling in, I thought it would be helpful to take a step by step look at how to set and achieve goals for 2011 or anytime. First we need to take a look at what God’s word has to say about making plans.  The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.  Proverbs 16:9 I first and foremost want to recognize that while planning is a good thing, we must always keep {Read More}

Thanksgiving Thoughts

“give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”  1 Thess 5:18 This Thanksgiving, as I ponder the things I am thankful to God for, something that keeps coming to the forefront of my mind is the idea of being thankful in all circumstances: the good and the bad.  It’s more than just an idea.  It is Biblical. Don’t believe me?  See the above verse.  Still don’t believe me?  Think about the {Read More}