Pinterest Productivity

 Alright, raise your hand if you are totally digging Pinterest! Ok hands down.  Oh.My.Goodness.  Is it not just about the best website ever invented?!  Seriously.  If you are not on it, you are totally missing out. Might I go as far as to say that (*gasp*) it’s even better than facebook?!  Ok, ok, maybe that is a little harsh.  I mean, they are two totally different animals. I guess what I mean about comparing it to Facebook is that unlike {Read More}

Enjoy Your Kids

As homeschool moms, and moms of little ones, we spend so much time with our kids.  We are with them 24/7 – 365!  But how much of that time is spent enjoying them? There is so much to do in a day, so much to accomplish for the week.  We have our homes to care for, keep up, and clean. Laundry, meal planning and preparations each day.  Spending time with the Lord each day (should of course attain our greatest {Read More}

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ 1/21/11

Ok so hmmmmm.  This week.  Well,  it started out with sickness – once again!  Zoe threw up Sunday morning, and was feeling better after a couple of days.  Never had a fever or anything else…wierd.  Then I started a fever on Mon night (w/ no other symptoms), and had it all day Tuesday, but was better by Wednesday.  So, at least our sicknesses were short-lived….whatever they were! 🙂 Sunday we had a baby shower for my sister at my house…on {Read More}

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ 1/7/11

The first week of 2011 is coming to a close.  I am going to try to start posting a weekly wrap-up each Friday to basically sum up my week!  So here goes with the first weekly wrap-up of the year. Goal Planning for 2011 – not finished yet…but that’s ok. I’m not in a huge rush.  I also don’t want to let it slip away and forget about it!  So, I’m planning on having it finished up by 1/10/11. We started {Read More}