Camera Phone Friday – 11/18/11

  1.) Fall in Texas – our oak tree;  2.) Trevor working on a Philistine helmet – homeschool;  3.) Our craft sale last weekend;  4.) Birthday present from Jared “This is to be used for one cutesy bloggy makeover” – he even got the terminology right);  5.) Genghis grill for my birthday celebration with my mom and sister…yum!!;  6.)Birthday roses from my sweetheart;  7.) My kids are so cute eating with chopsticks! 😉 ;  8.) The boys getting their final {Read More}

My Week in Photos ~ Camera Phone Friday ~ 9/2/11

  Library Books; Yay Setpember…temps are going down!!; Cats and Homeschool; Ahhh, coffee!; And more coffee – from my sweetheart! (who hates coffee by the way);  Neat sunset;  First day of ballet;  belly rub; Mother-Daughter girls night out (bowling & laser tag), while the boys enjoyed Father-Son boys night out!; Cool Sunrise; Rain (but none at my house );  Rangers, Rangers, Rangers, and more Rangers!  Went to Rangers games on Sat and Sun!!  With a great little Mercy Me concert {Read More}

My Week In Photos {Camera Phone Friday} ~ 8/26/11

1. Moms Smoothie Shop  2. Sister Kitties  3-8. Dallas Cowboys Stadium & Scrimmage  9-10. Cupcakes made my my little chef and I for end of summer party  11. Funny sign I saw at Hobby Lobby  12.  Christmas already at Hobby Lobby  13. Samson getting his cuddle time with T  14. Scratch my belly!  15. snuggling sisters  16.  breakfast!  17. How I used the squash from the garden  18.  My first three garden squash for dinner  19.  Our dobie, Samson  20. {Read More}