Felicity Kate’s Birth Story {Part 2 – The Conclusion}

{You can read Part 1 of this store here} It’s driving me NUTS that I haven’t finished this birth story yet!  It’s also driving me nuts that I have been neglecting my blog.  I just have something WAY more fun in my life right now.  She gets quite a bit of my time and attention.  Is it possible to love your baby too much??!  If so – I am totally guilty! So, as I was saying in Part 1… I {Read More}

Felicity Kate’s Birth Story – Part 1

We are feeling so amazingly blessed to have our sweet little Felicity here with us!  As I write this, she is now 2 months old, and growing WAY TOO FAST!!  So, before I procrastinate it any longer….here is her birth story! I feel the need to start with a little bit of background info.  After years of losing babies combined with infertility, we found out we were expecting Felicity at the beginning of January, 2012.  This pregnancy was a mixture {Read More}

Baby Update: 39.5 weeks {Final Pregnancy Update}

I’ve reached the end of my pregnancy, and it’s time to finally meet our sweet baby girl!  I will be heading in tomorrow morning for an induction.  I am super excited, and can’t believe the time has finally come!! My excitement has been shaded a little by the stress of my doctors’ appointment yesterday.  The dr estimated the baby at 10lbs 8oz on the sono, but said with the inaccuracy of  measurements this late in pregnancy, she could be anywhere from 9-12 {Read More}

Baby Update – 34.5 Weeks

WOW!!  Can it even be possible that the last baby update post I wrote was all the way back in MAY?!  I can’t even believe that!  Time sure has flown by with this pregnancy.  I guess just being busy with my other kids has made it feel so fast.  I am kind of in scramble mode right now, trying to get everything ready before baby arrives. I am coming up on 35 weeks here in a couple of days.  It {Read More}

If You Give a Pregnant Mom a Pickle…

Trevor handed me a story he wrote for me this morning…it’s so awesome I had to share it with you all! If You Give a Pregnant Mom a Pickle by Trevor (9 yrs old) If you give a pregnant mom a pickle, she’ll want some ice cream to go with it.  She will look in the freezer and realize she is out of it.  She she will go to the store and buy some.   She came home and was {Read More}

Baby Update – 23.5 weeks

I am so thankful for how this pregnancy has been going!  I will be 24 weeks in just a few days (so, about 6 months along)!!  Woohoo!  It is exciting to be this far along.  I am really able to enjoy this pregnancy now.  I am over the part that was the scariest for me.  Although I know nothing is ever “safe” or guaranteed (other than the fact that God is in control, and I can trust fully in Him, {Read More}

We’re Having A….

I can’t believe 2 weeks have already gone by since we found out the gender of our baby – and I haven’t posted about it yet!  My blogging is seriously lacking lately!! Anyway, most likely you already know, if you follow my blog FB page, personal page on Facebook, or instagram.  But of course I can’t let exciting news like this go unspoken on the blog!! We are SO excited to be welcoming another sweet little – – – – {Read More}

Spring in Texas

The weather is beautiful here right now.  In the 80’s all week.  The wild flowers are in bloom, so we headed out yesterday for some pictures in the bluebonnets.  Every Texan’s yearly springtime tradition!   I had Trevor snap a few of the baby and me too!  I think he did a pretty awesome job! Our sweet baby at 15.5 weeks!

Of Baby Loss and Infertility

Today, February 3, 2011, my little Noah Matthew would be 3 years old, had he made it to his due date.  It got me thinking about how it has been a really long time since I have talked about our baby boys on the blog.  It also got me thinking about how I have not really shared anything about our struggle with infertility for the past almost 2 years.  I don’t talk about it, so I imagine friends either (a.)think {Read More}