Find or change the family doctor? A choice that is not easy, both because it is a matter of health and because so much bureaucracy to deal with does not help in the task.Here are some suggestions, divided by key points.

  • To identify the general practitioner (or pediatrician), we can consult the lists of doctors affiliated with the National Health Service, lists in the offices of the medical districts of reference. Some Local Health Authorities also make it possible to consult these lists online. Once consulted and identified a name, we must therefore communicate our choice by presenting, with a health card and health card, at the Office of choice and revocation of the same ASL.

Before making the choice, it is good to remember that the new rules in force since 2005 require the Health Authorities to provide indications about the curriculum of each doctor, the hours of the surgery and the structural and instrumental characteristics of each medical practice . A good idea could also be to make an appointment with the doctor to know him personally and decide whether or not to choose it.For more information visit

Regarding the enrollment in the national health service of a newborn and the appointment of a trusted pediatrician, one of the parents must go to the ASL offices of the child’s residence with the following documents: birth certificate of the child or self-certification signed by one of the parents, health card or tax code of the parent, health card or tax code of the child.

Checks To Do –Before making a final decision, it is advisable to always inquire about opening hours of the study, the place where it is located, the presence of architectural barriers present, with what public means it is possible to reach it, if the doctor has computer and e-mail, if you make telephone consultations and at what time. At first glance they may seem like irrelevant details, but in reality they are fundamental information.

The Definitive Choice –Once identified the doctor who is right for us and meets our needs, we must go to the Office chosen and revoked by our local health authority, obviously with a health card and tax code. In the event that our residence is set in a city other than that of the ASL in which we choose the doctor, we will also be required to complete a self-certification in which we certify the motivation (health, work or study) of our stay in the city where we choose the doctor. For the choice of pediatrician, in addition to the aforementioned documents we must also bring the birth certificate of the child and his tax code or health card.

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